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Core Skills: Emotional Awareness

Before we can be open to others, we have to get really clear on what is going on for ourselves.

Core Skills: Empathic Listening

Fundamental to being open to diverse viewpoints is the key skill of listening.

Core Skills: Starting Difficult Conversations

Learn to raise issues in your life while staying in compassionate connection with yourself and the other person.

Hi, I’m Jenny Tipping

I am a trainer in communication skills, specialising in diversity. I certified with the Center for Nonviolent Communication in 2021 and I am committed to using the skills of personal development and communication to make the world a more equal and diverse place.

My background is in the trucking industry as a driver and an instructor, so I have first hand experience of being in the minority. I love to support people to challenge their internal stories to move to a place of empowerment and openness.


"Jenny always makes me feel like she's in the room with me guiding me through the course, it's never just another online video." Anna, 49. Retired CEO

"A new and refreshing approach. I feel like I'm on a journey with Jenny towards increasing my confidence in dealing with this important issue." Dee

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